It’s ok to feel

Entering a new stage in life is a blend of excitement and fear. It’s impossible to prepare for the unexpected byproducts of change and as someone who can be a bit of a control-freak, that bothers me. I recently graduated from college and I feel extremely proud of it considering that I’m the first in my family to do so. As excited as I am about closing that chapter of my life, I now feel the looming pressure of figuring out my life – and doing it fast.

Life is slow, or so it feels that way for me. Finding a job isn’t as easy as it used to be – the competition is fierce. I’m considering applying for jobs that are out of state because let me tell you, California isn’t so friendly to recent graduates. Every opportunity that I’ve come across asks for skills that are ridiculous. 3-5 years for an entry-level job? Really? The anxiety is real. Which is why I started practicing self-care.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of self-care, here’s an explanation: it means to love yourself the way you are and treat yourself to small (or big!) experiences that will bring joy to your life. Read a book in bed while drinking tea, watch several episodes of your favorite show, go out for a run, take a nap… these things are so simple to do and yet they yield big results. When you take the time to take care of yourself, you are investing in your well-being and that will go a long way. It will change the way you see yourself in the world. You will realize that you are worthy of happiness and that you are capable of achieving your dreams.

With this said, it will always be OK to have a bad day. You deserve to feel angry, sad, or afraid. We feel these things because they signify a time for change, to improve, to try harder. Sometimes the things you want are the things you have to work the hardest for. So keep your head up, beautiful. I will struggle to figure out life alongside you. Remember: if it ever starts to feel like it’s too much, stop and breathe. Reach out to friends and family if it helps. Take time to care for yourself.


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