Hello visual journal!

A visual journal is a creative way of documenting your life. It’s basically a diary with a bunch of drawings that represent your experiences. I finally started my own because frankly, I love to doodle and this gives me another reason to do it.

I already completed my first entry for this past weekend and I loved every minute of it!


Visual journaling is a great way to relax – add some music and a bit of tea and you’re all set! It’s great for relieving stress because you get to slow down and enjoy the moment as you get in touch with your creative side. Aside from being a super cool way to look back at what you did, it’s super easy to start too, all it takes is a journal and a pen! (And some colors if you love coloring like I do!) So, if you’re curious about starting one – do it! If you think you can’t draw, do it anyway! It’s great practice and frankly, I believe that everyone can be creative!

Read this short article if you’re interested in learning about the benefits of doodling: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/17/doodling-benefits_n_7572182.html!

I hope you try visual journaling! Let me know if you do!



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